Lothian Labels Limited adds to its strength with the acquisition of Printaims Limited!

Lothian Labels Limited is pleased to announce its strategic acquisition of Printaims Limited, a specialised leader in sequential barcode printing. This acquisition brings a significant expansion of capabilities to Lothian Labels' portfolio, allowing us to provide clients with enhanced printing solutions, particularly in the realm of sequential barcode printing.

Printaims Limited’s proficiency in sequential barcode printing adds a crucial dimension to our services. This expertise requires meticulous attention to detail and precision, ensuring accurate and consistent results. With this addition, Lothian Labels is well-positioned to address a wider range of client needs, especially those demanding sequential barcode printing.


A key aspect of this acquisition is the experienced management team at Printaims Limited. Their knowledge of the industry and dedication to quality align seamlessly with Lothian Labels’ values, ensuring a smooth transition and a continuation of exceptional service.


Furthermore, the acquisition also introduces a new segment of blue chip customers to the Lothian Labels family. Printaims Limited’s established reputation has attracted a diverse and loyal clientele, reflecting their commitment to delivering top-notch solutions.


As we integrate Printaims Limited’s capabilities into our operations, Lothian Labels Limited looks forward to delivering even more comprehensive and specialized printing services to our clients. We believe that this acquisition marks a significant step forward in our journey towards excellence in the printing industry.